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About Us

Wynnstay was founded in 1917 by tenant farmers of the local Wynnstay estate and was formally constituted as a farmers' co operative shortly afterwards. Over the succeeding decades, the organisation steadily grew. A series of acquisitions during the last 15 years has expanded Wynnstay's trading area to primarily include all of Wales, the North West, Yorkshire, the South West and most of the Midlands. Through our history of utilising franchise manufacturers for many of our products, customers are serviced as far a field as Somerset, Sussex and Hampshire.


The Group operates as a leading supplier of agricultural products and services in the rural economy as well as specialist pet products in selected urban locations. There are two complementary divisions, Agriculture and Specialist Retail, strengthened by the Joint Ventures and the Associate Companies. 

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The Wynnstay Group oversees a number of industry leading brands. The brands are either fully owned by the Wynnstay Group or form part of our Joint Ventures. The brands are spread over a number of industries and including, Pet Supplies, Arable Supplies and Agricultural Supplies as well as renewables and grain marketing.

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Company History

Founded in 1917, the Wynnstay Group has had a diverse history, up to the present day it continues to grow offering farmers increased services and products to help grow their enterprises.

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Keep updated with the latest news from the Wynnstay Group and its brands, including company updates, announcements, and industry news.

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