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We believe there is more to doing business with our customers than simply selling products. Selling the product is only the beginning for us; we offer a comprehensive range of technical services, at no additional cost, to enable our customers to grow and develop their enterprise.

  • Locomation Scoring, Hoofcare Management Advice - Locomotion scoring is based on the observation of cows standing and walking (gait), with special emphasis on their back posture.
  • CowWatch® - Our Cow Watch monitoring service analyses monthly farm data to provide a simple summary of transition management, reproductive performance, rumen health, udder health and milk production.
  • NMS - With increasing herd size formulating a balanced, healthy, efficient and profitable diet is only the beginning.
  • Calf Signals - Calf Signals focuses on reading the behaviour of youngstock in their own environment to establish where improvements can be made to maximise their health and performance.

Contracted out by Trouw Nutrition (GB), grass silage, maize silage, wholecrops and fresh grass are analysed using the latest scanning Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology. The calibrations are routinely monitored against in-house ‘wet’ chemistry techniques and they participate in the ring tests and quality assurance systems as members of the F.A.A (Forage Analysis Assurance Group)

Forage Mineral Analysis

Our Forage Mineral Analysis measures; Macro-Elements - Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Sodium (Na), Chloride (Cl), Sulphur (S). Micro-Elements - Iron (Fe), Aluminium (Al), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Cobalt (Co), Selenium (Se), Iodine (I), Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo) and Related Mineral Parameters - Cation – Anion Balance, Relative Copper Antagonism, Soil Contamination Index

Our team can offer a range of services to ensure an effective animal health plan is in place to maximise the performance of your enterprise. Animal Health Representatives can offer specific plans through Livestock Pro along with bulk milk antibodies test for GI worms and lungworm. These services are supported by the expert advice our representatives can offer to ensure a healthy herd or flock.

Our dedicated Calf Specialists can offer expert advice on youngstock management from best practice colostrum management and selecting the best milk powder to housing and equipment for youngstock.

Join our Wynngold Calf Club to receive up to date information from our Calf Team plus exclusive invites to training days.

With increasing herd size, formulating a balanced, healthy, efficient and profitable diet is only the beginning. Analysing the diet, monitoring performance and making those all important changes is the key to success. On every farm there are a plethora of factors that affect feed conversion efficiency. These include calving interval, feeding space, diet presentation, cow comfort, herd health, time budgets, light, water, and most importantly transition cow management. Wynnstay’s Nutritional Management Service provides a comprehensive assessment of all these aspects on farm. Our aim is to boost output from all your inputs, whilst closing and exceeding the gap between actual and planned performance.

Wynnstay have a large team of fully FACTS qualified personnel who can provide the experience and knowledge to help you with your business. If you require any assistance in your nutrient planning then here are a few of the services we can provide.

  • Encompass - Whole farm fertiliser recommendation programme.
  • N-Min - Soil testing for Nitrogen reserves and availability.
  • Soil Analysis - Full range of soil testing to include all major and minor nutrients.
  • Tissue Analysis - A test to provide a snap shot of the health of the crop.
  • pH Testing - A simple test to ensure the acidity of your soil is correct.

Our experienced and qualified Agronomists specialise in on-farm, crop protection advice on all arable and forage crops to ensure efficient and targeted inputs produce optimal returns.

A full crop-walking service is provided by BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomists, which compliments the resources provided by our network of country stores. Our specialists are listed on the BASIS Professional Register and advice and recommendations are fully compliant with crop assurance schemes.

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