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Strategic Report

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Directors recognise the importance of managing the business in a responsible, fair and ethical manner, and strive to engender such values in every aspect of the Group’s operations. Social, environmental and sustainable considerations are taken into account in the formulation of policies in the following areas of activity:

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Principal Activities & Business Model

As a leading supplier in the rural economy of agricultural products and services, Wynnstay Group has become a trusted and respected brand within the industry. In addition to this it also operates a number of Pet Specialist retail outlets in urban locations, a number of Joint Ventures and an Associate Company.

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Group Strategy

The Group is committed to becoming a leading supplier of products and services in the rural and wider economy. In so doing, Wynnstay Group Plc will optimise the return to all stakeholders in the business.

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Risk Management Statement

Risks and uncertainties for the business are classified into two main categories, Financial and Operational. The Board monitor such risks and have developed policies for managing the uncertainties they bring.

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Wynnstay Group uses a number of advisers that have the experience and knowledge to guide the business towards success. The advisers consist of registrars, bankers, auditors and solicitors. 

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