AberNiche Festulolium

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1KG Pack AberNiche is a cross between Meadow Fescue and Italian - type ryegrass.

AberNiche is the first Festulolium to be added to the Grass and Clover Recommended List, it is listed in the Hybrid Ryegrass section. AberNiche demonstrates that the transfer of the more stress resistant Fescue genes into Ryegrass can be achieved without negatively affeting the yield or quality characteristics of the grass. The improved stress tolerance makes it ideal for drought prone areas. Trials show that its winter hardiness is similar to other Italian Ryegrass and the same if not better than some Hybrid Ryegrasses. AberNiche is suited for short to medium term silage mixtures which also include Hybrid Ryegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Clover. The mixes that AberNiche would most suit would be Squire and Fortress.

Fescue grasses are valued for their improved drought tolerance, but potential yields and quality have always been well below modern day Ryegrasses. Festuloliums are described as:

  • A cross between Meadow Fescues or Tall Fescues (Festucas) and Italian Ryegrass or Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium)

Their attributes are

  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Growth at lower temperatures early and late in the year extending the growing season
  • High quality
  • Good winter hardiness and persistency
  • Response well to Nitrogen

Images are for reference only and not a true representation of the product once grown.

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