Agricultural Seed Services

The Wynnstay business is diverse and supported by knowledgeable and experienced technical staff including the arable specialist team. This team can offer advice on all inputs into the crop to achieve the highest returns. 

Our Arable Specialists can advise on:

Site Selection

Our team can advise on field selection

Soil Analysis

Provide a soil analysis service - to establish pH, as well as the availability of N, P, K and trace elements. 

Find out more about our Soil Smapling Service, here.

Crop Nutrition

Help to maximise the yield and quality of the crop by providing independent advice on soil health and bespoke crop nutrition programmes.


Deliver a crop protection strategy to ensure disease and pest pressures are minimised and weed competition is reduced.

Variety Selection

Help select the right variety by considering all the relevant factors including soil type, geographical location agronomic factors and forage requirement.


Provide advice on how to maximise maize quality through correct harvest management - from timing to additive.

Combinable Crop Seed Advice

Wynnstay’s Seed Department, Agronomists and Arable Specialists offer independent and expert advice on all aspects of crop selection.

Each member of the team will take the time to evaluate customers’ bespoke requirements, including location, soil type, disease pressure and the crop’s end-use. This will ensure that cropping decisions are based upon accurate analysis and a thorough understanding of individual situations.

Making the correct decision on what species to grow, variety to select or treatment to use can help increase on-farm productivity and overall margins – therefore Wynnstay understands the importance of providing bespoke advice rather than a blanket service.

All Wynnstay’s seed specialists have a thorough understanding of market conditions, technological progress and trial results. Access to these developments allows the seed team to provide customers with crucial industry information.

This includes:

  • New varieties
  • New seed treatments
  • Agronomic advances
  • Legislative changes
  • Geographical disease issues
  • Most profitable grower options 

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Our team of experts are always on hand to help you out with any advice you may need on seed selection, growing and harvesting. 

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