A bespoke and flexible feeding programme designed to achieve optimum performance from forage. The AminoMatch nutritional approach is based on characterising the amino acid profile of your forage and the reducing dietary CP levels by ensuring an adequate supply of the first limiting amino acids; methionine and lysine. Energy densities and MP supply can then be optimised for improved milk quality, improved immune function, higher milk yields, improved energy balance and improved fertility.

AminoMatch for:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved efficiency

High Quality Silage (HWS) Optimiser

A compound designed to balance multi-cut silages of high quality. A unique combination of starch, fibre and bypass protein, HQS Optimiser MP is designed to promote improved nitrogen utilisation efficiency in the rumen.

Grass Booster MP

Designed to optimise the use of grazed grass that is high in rumen degradable protein and low in fibre. Grass booster contains a complimentary blend of fibre, starch and DUP to promote improved nitrogen utilisation efficiency in the rumen.

Superfuel MP

High in glucogenic energy and designed specifically to boost MP on poorer quality silages.

AminoMatch EAA balancers

A mix of essential amino acids and chelated minerals. Liver and rumen function promoters can also be included along with fats.

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