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Galebreaker Bayscreen 20m

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An alternative to Yorkshire boarding and space boarding delivering improved ventilation, weather protection and light transmission. 
Easily installed and removed with no need for drilling or bolting. 

  • No additional supports needed
  • Fully adjustable
  • Can be fitted above one another to reach any height
  • The perfect hook on screen for spanning bays
  • Weather protection, ventilation and light penetration for agricultural buildings

Health Benefits of using Galebreaker Bayscreens:

  • Improved building ventilation
  • Superior light penetration
  • Flexibility (can be removed or folded down to allow extra ventilation in warmer conditions)
  • Creates a consistent shed temperature without draughts  – critical for young livestock

Available in sizes; 20m x 1m, 20m x 1.5m, 20m x 2m, 20m x 3m

Wind Speed Reduction: The graph below clearly shows the impact of our most commonly used fabric materials on wind speed. There is a substantial decrease in wind speed with all material types. Galebreaker fabric materials (other than solid option) are designed to allow ventilation without draughts.

Galebreaker Ventilation Improvement: There is a 65% greater air inlet area over 1m2 of standard Galebreaker fabric material when compared to the same area of standard wooden space boarding (100mm x 20mm boards with a 20mm gap). This greater air inlet allows for better ventilation in the building, whilst still maintaining outstanding weather protection and superior light ingress.

*It is important to note the difference between Yorkshire boarding and space boarding. The most common boarding on agricultural livestock buildings is in fact space boarding (100mm x 20mm boards with a 20mm gap). The difference between the two is shown below.


Rain Penetration: With moderate rain conditions, water will run down the outside of the material and there will be little rain penetration into the building. If rain is driving at the side of the building where the material is located, there will be some water ingress. This will be approx. 1m into the building, and because the mesh material has small holes, water ingress will be a mist and evaporate quickly.

Cost Savings: In our experience the cost of fitting standard space boarding will be very similar to the cost of fitting standard Galebreaker Bayscreens. The cost of fitting proper Yorkshire boarding will be more expensive.

All Galebreaker products (other than DIY farmflex) are supplied with all the fixings required to attach to a building. Installing Bayscreens on a standard building is only approximately 15 minutes per screen, far quicker than any wooden boarding.

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