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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Wynnstay Lamb Bolus

Reasons why you should consider blousing lambs with Wynnstay Lamb Bolus
Lamb BolusLamb Bolus

Whether lambs will be retained for breeding or finishing, it is imperative that they have the correct balance of trace elements in order to thrive. The 4 key trace elements needed for optimal performance are Selenium, Cobalt, Iodine and Zinc. All these trace elements are contained within the ‘Wynnstay Lamb Bolus’, or alternatively if lambs only require Cobalt, then the ‘Wynnstay Cobalt B12’ bolus is a suitable alternative.

Grazed grass can be deficient in trace elements, so supplementing your lambs while at grass with the ‘Wynnstay Lamb Bolus’ gives you peace of mind that lambs are receiving a consistent daily supply of the required trace elements.

Reasons to consider bolusing lambs with Wynnstay Lamb Bolus

  1. A consistent daily supply of trace elements.
  2. Wynnstay Lamb Bolus provides the longest cover (6 months) of trace elements.
  3.  Supplies 200mg Zinc - to support the growing lamb’s immune system, hoof health and formation of wool.
  4. Iodine - Supplying 375mg. Highest amount compared to other leading boluses. Iodine is required by the animal to support hormone production
  5. Cobalt - 175mg. Required by the rumen microflora to make Vit B12. Prevents Pine disease. Don’t forget - Cobalt can help lambs respond to vaccinations
  6. Selenium - 50mg. Helps with muscle development (White muscle disease) and works in conjunction with vitamin E to support the young ruminant’s immune system
  7.  Just one bolus to be administered to lambs from 20kg and over

What is it going to cost?

At under 60p per bolus, lambs selling at £2.50/kg would only need to gain a mere 240g to cover the cost of the bolus.

Lamb BolusLamb Bolus

Request a call from a specialist

For further information regarding the Wynnstay Trace Element bolus range, please speak to your farm representative or ask in-store today.


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