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A photo of Bethany May

Bethany May

Dairy Technical Specialist

Bethany studied Animal Science with Nutrition at The University of Nottingham; specialising in dairy nutrition and fertility, graduating in 2014. Following this, she completed a commercial nutrition graduate scheme with AB Agri before spending two years as Ruminant and Co-product Developer; getting involved in the whole feed process from ‘farm to fork’ and working with leading UK researchers to bring new products to market that capitalise on cost-effective and sustainable production.

12 months ago, Bethany took the plunge and moved in with her partner on a beef and sheep farm on the Llyn peninsula and started a technical sales role for KW feeds covering North Wales.

Joining Wynnstay in 2018, Bethany now covers North Wales as part of the Dairy Technical Services team (living one minute from the Rhosfawr store and blend site is very handy!), with a keen interest in rationing development, nutrition research, and making the best use of home-grown forage’s in combination with appropriate feeds/additives to make production more profitable

Milk Quality Measures Can Identify Missing Yield Potential

An annual pattern of milk composition has been well recognized on dairy farms across the world for years, with the highest milk fat and protein concentration in milk observed during the winter and lowest occurring in the summer. This trend is manipulated solely by season, and impacts housed and grazing cows similarly. So, when we get to spring, and then turnout for some, and milk butterfats start to decline- how do we know if this is real milk fat depression or not?

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