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Making Youngstock Rearing Stack Up

The cost of growing beef for finishing, the store cattle market or for rearing dairy replacement heifers, can put huge financial pressure on your business. Whatever system employed, realising a sustainable profit once all costs are considered can be challenging. With increasing fixed costs, an ever-uncertain political landscape and opportunity cost of the assets used, it is as important as ever that operators remain as efficient as possible to generate profit

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Cornell University Visit

In October Iwan Vaughan, Julie Wright and Mark Price made their first secondments over Cornell University, NY in the first part of the cowficNcy Project- a European wide initiative, where research institutions partner with commercial companies worldwide, with an aim to reduce nitrogen emissions within dairy agriculture.

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Making Full Use of the Rumen

Ruminants are fascinating creatures. What sets them apart from monogastric organisms with one simple stomach, is that they possess a huge fermentation chamber - the rumen. The rumen is full of a microbial population made up of bacteria, protozoa and fungi. This microbial population is able to break down forage and raw materials, that aren’t edible for humans into essential nutrients that can be used for body function and performance.

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