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Autumn Parasite Control in Cattle at Housing

Autumn Parasite Control in Cattle at Housing

Why treat for fluke at housing?

Treating cattle for fluke at housing rather than delaying or offering no treatment at all can help improve growth rates and reduce the stress on cattle. A cow’s liver is large so they can tolerate a greater fluke burden, meaning sudden deaths won’t be seen in cattle. However, subclinical disease due to fluke can be reoccurring, which is costly due to the impact it can have on reduced weight gain.

Treating at housing will also enable cattle to be better prepared for the stress and challenges of housing. Further treatment with an adulticide later in housing means in the spring you will be turning out clean cattle, which will reduce the burden on the pasture. It is vital to ensure a seamless transition
from grazing to housing and winter diet to prevent a check in growth.

What about worm control at housing?

Some worm species arrest in the gut wall during the autumn and winter and can cause serious damage when the larvae emerge in spring (Type II Ostertagiasis). It is therefore important to treat at housing with a product that will kill off the arrested stages of the worms.

What should I look for when selecting a product to use?

It is important to consider the age of the fluke you are treating for. Many fluke treatments focus on killing egg-laying adults, meaning most immature fluke will still be present and these will continue to cause damage as they migrate through the liver.

Another factor to consider is whether worm control is also needed at housing and if a combination product would be appropriate. This will depend on the current worm burden in the cattle and what previous treatments have been used on farm over the summer.


  • A combination fluke & worm pour-on – Manages mixed burdens in one treatment
  • Contains moxidectin – A potent formulation providing the most
    effective* ML efficacy against resistant worms
  • Contains triclabendazole – Offering an effective control of late immature and adult fluke in a pour-on combination
  • Lice‑free guarantee – Licensed for biting and sucking lice
  • Rainfast formulation – Rainfall before or after treatment will not
    affect the efficacy of the product

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