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Clearfield® system – the answer to effective weed control in OSR

Clearfield® is a unique system for oilseed rape that combines hybrid seed varieties and high quality BASF herbicides for the most effective way to approach weed control in OSR.

Clearfield® consists of two components: Clearfield® seeds and Clearfield® herbicides. Based on traditional plant breeding techniques, Clearfield® seeds are tolerant to a specific class of herbicides. Clearfield® herbicides (Cleranda and Cleravo for example) are specifically designed to be applied post-emergence and to provide sustainable and effective season-long weed control, including problematic weeds, such as runch and charlock. Yields and quality can also be improved, as any non-Clearfield® volunteers are also taken out by the Clearfield® herbicide.

The result? Growers can use Clearfield® as a management tool, bringing problematic fields back into rotation and allowing oilseed rape to be grown profitably where it would be difficult or impossible to grow using any other system. Clearfield® herbicides are designed to be applied post-emergence, often with only one application, providing effective weed control from planting to harvest. This results in fewer passes across the field, fewer hours on the machinery, lower fuel usage, decreased soil compaction and decreased erosion.

We have Clearfield® hybrids available from Pioneer, Monsanto, DSV and others. Please call for advice on which Clearfield® Hybrid to grow. Varieties that carry the Clearfield® tolerant genetics have CL at the end of their name.

Many of the key problems that face the UK oilseed rape grower are resolved using Clearfield® technology.

Limited timing flexibility of herbicide options

- Reliance on pre and early post-emergence residuals

- Wide germination window for broad leaved weeds

- Increasing problems with cruciferous weeds

- Impact of problem weeds on grain sample quality

- Intensity of workload around oilseed rape planting time

- Need for rapid establishment

Good Stewardship
Take care to avoid mis-application of Cleranda to non-Clearfield® oilseed rape

- Cleranda must only be used on oilseed rape hybrids carrying the Clearfield® brand. Treatment of any oilseed rape crop not carrying the Clearfield® brand will result in total crop loss

- Take note of the packaging of both seed and chemical products and ensure they carry the Clearfield® brand. Seed product names will always carry the suffix CL


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