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Innovative New Seed Treatment for Maize

Innovative New Seed Treatment for Maize

KORIT®PRO is a new unique seed treatment combination for maize being offered by Limagrain. The treatment has three modes of action, and unlike the standard Korit, which only offers a measure of bird repellency, the new Korit Pro also includes additional fungicide protection, it boosts root development and improves crop emergence.


With the loss of Mesurol, the most effective bird repellent on the market becomes Korit (active ingredient Ziram). Trial work shows it is less effective than Mesurol at preventing bird damage and therefore other measures to reduce the risk should be considered.


Sedaxane protects the plant against attack from the Rhizoctonia pathogen. Infection is favoured by cold and compacted soils and Rhizoctonia causes stem and root rot, damping-off and foliar blight, which can lead to nutrient and water stress resulting in significant field losses. Sedaxane helps by improving root development, which sets the foundation for higher, more consistent yields.

Trace Elements

Manganese and Zinc are included in the seed treatment. Placement of these trace elements close to the roots improves crop emergence and establishment through the sensitive 2-6 leaf period.

Zinc is involved in the synthesis of auxins necessary for root development and stem elongation, and the formation of chlorophyll for sustained photosynthetic activity. Zinc deficiency can delay flowering and reduce plant size, increasing susceptibility to disease and ultimately a loss of yield.

Manganese is involved in enzymatic activity, chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis, nitrate reduction, amino acid and protein synthesis. The new, unique seed treatment combination, with triple modes of action, provided by Korit Pro ensures your maize crop has the best available protection and nutrients for a healthy start to life.

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