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Transition 80/20 is an innovative approach to transition cow management from Wynnstay. Backed by extensive research the concept has been developed from the realisation of the importance of the transition period to the success and profitability of a dairy enterprise. Failure to implement effective management during this period can result in an increased incidence of disease, reduced levels of performance and poor fertility.

The transition 80/20 concept can be tailored to your herds requirements ensuring that your business benefits financially from adopting Wynnstays transition 80/20 cow management blue print.

Cost - Benefit Analysis

Actual farm data clearly demonstrates the magnitude of the recoverable costs that can be realised from improvements in Transition management. The objective of each individual Transition 80/20 blueprint is to enable a producer to realise these recoverable costs.


Wynnstay offer a full range of products to complement your herd specific Transition 80/20 management blueprint all supported by independent research.


Mr Howell Richards from Carmarthen runs 2100 all year round calving Holstein Friesians yielding 10,500 litres and is a pioneer of Transition 80/20 fundamentals in the UK. Mr Richards pays special attention to dry/transition cow grouping strategies, nutrition, cow comfort and after calving care. The results of his approach speak for themselves; 396 day calving interval, 2% non-economic value culls, reduced incidence of metabolic diseases and therefore reductions in associated veterinary and medical costs. Compared to the national average of 7%.

According to Howell the transition period is critical to the success of his operation."During the transition period it is essential that all is done to cater for the needs of the cow with the end goal of maintaining dry matter intakes"; he says, and he has recently constructed a new dry cow yard designed specifically with the needs of the transition cow in mind. "The new facilities ensure adequate feeding, lying and loafing space which are essential." Howell's new accommodation also includes a footbath which allows a stress free way to footbath our close up cows. Howell explains that the benefits of such a set up become apparent when dry cow yards are overstocked. "For us at Cwrtmalle, transition cow management is the key to success."

Financial implications of disease associated with Transition Management

Please Note: The financial implications are a consequence of a longer calving to insemination period and a reduction in conception to first service. Figures include lost milk production and vet costs associated with disease


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