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New Improved Energised Calf Milk Elixir Plus

New, Improved Energised Calf Milk: Elixir+

If we dried whole milk to a powder the protein level would sit at an average of around 24% and the fat level 30%. At 23% protein and 27% oil our new Elixir+ is as close as it gets!

Reverse ratio powders have been designed to more closely resemble whole milk with its higher butter fat than protein. This provides energy beyond the maintenance requirement of the calf which can be used to cope with situations such as cold stress and disease pressure. In addition, the high lipid content provides an extra film/barrier for the gut wall against pathogens – in a similar way to high fat colostrum.

There is a limit to the protein requirement in a calf; once exceeded, additional protein is excreted, whereas additional energy can be used for growth and reaching genetic potential.

Elixir+ is the ultimate milk replacer when trying to stay as close to whole milk as possible. It is 100% dairy protein so fully digestible, even to baby calves. It has a high 50% Skim inclusion with the remaining 50% coming from Whey Protein Concentrate known for its bioactive proteins.

The high oil content comes from Coconut and Palm oil as these two sources have fatty-acid chain lengths closely resembling milk fats which are easily broken down and utilised.

On top of its composition our new Elixir+ contains Globigen egg proteins, providing natural antibodies targeted at the pathogens related to calf scour, giving it the qualities of a transition milk powder that can be fed all the way through.

Elixir+, like all our WYNNGOLD™ milk replacers, is manufactured in the UK and contains our bespoke Wynnguard calf health package which is a combination of AGRIMOS (mannan-oligosaccharides) and FIBOSEL. The AGRIMOS works as a pathogen binder, meaning unwanted microbes are more easily excreted and the FIBOSEL interacts with receptor sites on white blood cells increasing their activity in immune system responses.

For more information and advice, contact one of our Calf and Youngstock specialists. 


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