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Osmofit - The New Generation of Oral Rehydration Solution


Scour, dehydration and resulting performance implications are a huge issue on farm. If the hydration status of an animal is compromised, growth, development and performance are also compromised. Animals will cope with the lack of water by prioritising the most important body functions if possible or until the state of hydration is restored.

Managing the hydration of animals in different life stages, therefore, means management of these different pools; type, amount, and ratio of electrolytes play an important role in this and should guide rehydration product choice.

Not all electrolytes are created equal (especially not those you have made yourself!), Osmofit is the new generation of oral rehydration solution, it is a dietetic water-soluble calf rehydration product.

Osmofit can stabilise the water and electrolyte balance of the extracellular fluid pool in cases of diarrhoea by providing the required salts and sugars in the right amounts and in the correct ratio.

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