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Rumitech - leading the way in methane reduction and livestock performance

Rumitech - leading the way in methane reduction and livestock performance

From the 1st May 2022 three new Climate compounds will be available with the inclusion of Rumitech®, a methane reducing additive.  

What is Rumitech®? 

Assured by the Carbon Trust, the correct use of Rumitech® will reduce methane emissions in dairy cows. Rumitech® has been reducing methane and improving livestock efficiency on-farm for more than 10 years and was the first feed validated by the Carbon Trust in 2017.

Less Methane - How Is This Achieved?

Rumitech® is a natural feed additive made from a blend of natural essential oils, which can easily be added to the dairy cow’s diet. It works by altering which rumen bugs thrive, resulting in fewer bugs that produce methane and more bugs that digest fibre, giving the animal getting more energy out of the feed. Introducing Rumitech® to dry cows and throughout the transition, has shown improvements in fertility and a reduction in metabolic disease.

What are the benefits of feeding Rumitech®

Many published trial results consistently show: -

1.     Improved FCR and average feed efficiency improvements of 5.5%

2.     Increased fat and protein corrected milk yield +4.5% (p<0.001)

3.     Reduced enteric methane emissions in dairy by 17.7% per litre of milk.

4.    Rumitech® can improve feed conversion efficiency and margin over feed costs, and typical ROI in dairy is between 5 and 10:1

Rumitech LogoRumitech Logo

Maximising performance

The successful Rumitech® trial resulted in a significant improvement in feed conversion efficiency (FCE) and an improvement in fertility at a 500 cow Holstein herd in the southwest Scotland.

During the trial, all milking cows were fed a standard TMR for four months followed by a further eight months on the same TMR with the addition of Rumitech®. No parlour cake was fed and all the milking cows received the same TMR from calving till drying off.

Cow performance and fertility data were collected from milk sheets and production software. Across the herd, there was no significant increase in the intake but there was a significant increase in FCE with a 5% increase in milk yield equivalent to 1.6 litres per day.

The additional benefit was an improvement in herd fertility with calving interval reduced by 22 days and cows coming into heat stronger and earlier by 2.8 days.

The TMR at the farm was analysed by Harbro and a balanced mineral and vitamin concentrate package was created to include Rumitech®, Evo and Alkacid, resulting in improved herd performance; yielding 10933 litres with protein of 3.15% and butterfat at 3.81%.

"5% increase in milk yield equivalent to 1.6 litres per day".

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