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Seed Treatments for 2017

With harvest now underway, many of you will be considering which seed varieties to drill this autumn. This also means it's the perfect time to consider which seed treatments to use.

Seed treatments are vital for giving your crop the best possible start and offer benefits to improve the overall yield and quality potential.

These include protection against pests and diseases, as well as enhancing establishment, early vigour and root development.

Please see below a summary of the seed treatments available for drilling autumn 2017:

Deter: Offers protection against aphids carrying BYDV, wireworm and slugs. Very useful for early sowing when aphids are more active.

Latitude: Always applied with a “single purpose” product and often with a Deter insecticide. Use on 2nd/ 3rd and subsequent wheats where Take-all risk is high. Particularly useful if sowing 2nd/ 3rd wheat before mid-October.

Austral Plus: Seed and soil borne disease protection plus an insecticide to protect against wheat bulb fly and wireworm.

Signal 300 ES: A highly effective insecticide seed treatment for reduction of wheat bulb fly and wireworm damage to autumn/ winter sown wheat and barley. Containing 300g/l cypermethrin, it forms a ‘zone of protection’ around the seed.

Manganese: Helps to control Manganese deficiency. Improves establishment and winter hardiness.

Kickstart: Provides a complex of phosphate, phosphite, zinc, manganese, potassium, nitrogen and amino acids giving the plant an ideal nutrient package to encourage improved root development.

Turbo: The main elements include zinc and phosphite which act as bio-stimulants and encourage root growth. Particularly useful for 2nd wheats.

Vibrance Duo: A combination of Fludioxonil (Beret Gold) and Sedaxane, a new SDHI fungicide from Syngenta. Improves speed of establishment and gives a boost to early root development. Particularly useful for later sowing, lighter land, 2nd wheats and other situations where the improved root health will benefit moisture and nutrient uptake.


For additional bespoke advice and a competitive quote on seed and treatments, call Wynnstay's Seed Department on 01939 210777 or contact your local specialist.
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