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Take No Chances With Your Maize Crop in 2021

Take no chances with your maize crop in 2021

9 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Maximise the Potential of Your Maize Crop 

1. Have you carried out soil analysis to identify nutrient shortcomings that could hamper the crop’s performance?

2. Have you worked with your Wynnstay Specialist to create a nutrient management plan?

The plan will take into account other relevant information such as excess winter rainfall, previous cropping and FYM/ slurry applications. Not only will applying optimal levels of nutrients promote crop performance, it also avoids any unnecessary applications - offering financial savings.

3. Have you decided which starter fertiliser to use to ensure rapid establishment?

You could use DAP or you could use micro-granular products such as Primary-P. Your Wynnstay Specialist can advise whilst discussing variety choice, and by ordering early you will avoid the peak-season demands.

4. Have you discussed which variety to grow and  have you ordered the seed?

Wynnstay offer a  wide range of varieties to suit most situations. For forage maize, there are some very early, high yielding, high feed value varieties which should be considered.

5. Have you considered all the facts regarding seed treatment choice?

If wireworm is expected to pose a risk when maize is sown  following established grass, force seed treatment should be considered. However, it is important the limitations of the use of this treatment are understood. Drilling depth iscrucial to get the best from this product and  this, in turn, has implications for a weed control strategy.

6. Has seed rate and sowing depth been discussed?

The importance of seed rate and sowing depth is often overlooked, but it is entirely within your control. For early maturing varieties consider 45,000 seeds/acre to be the standard. If you reduce seed rate below this level you may compromise yield. With regard to sowing depth, ensure the seed is drilled into moisture but remember the deeper the seed is sown, the longer it will take to emerge.

7. Are there any particular weed issues and have your pre-emergence herbicide plans been discussed?

An effective herbicide strategy should be planned in advance and preemergence herbicides should be ordered at the same time as your seed. If you have a problem with perennial grass weeds (e.g. couch), or some of the more difficult to control broad-leaved weed species, discuss the most effective control measures with your Wynnstay Agronomist.

8. Has maize silage additive been discussed?

Take advantage of early ordering offers available from your Wynnstay Representative or local depot.

9. Are you speaking to your Feed Specialist, who will help you get the most from your maize crop at feed- out?

For more information on getting the best from your 2021 maize crop, contact your Wynnstay Specialist, or call Dr Simon Pope, Crop Protection Manager, on 07990 578545

Maize Guide

Along with details on this years recommended varieties, our guide includes advice on how to get the most from your crop.


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