Testimonial : Rosehill Farm, Chorley

Rosehill Farm, Chorley

Sam Ashcroft of Rosehill Farm, Chorley buys in two to four-week-old dairy bred beef calves; usually Blue and Hereford crosses. They are fed 2.5-3L of Wynngold SuperNova mixed at 150g/L either end of the day through Milkbar 3-teat compartment feeders.


Sam says, "for my system to be successful I need good health and growth but I am always watching my costs with margins being tight. I look to use the best value for money feeds – this milk powder certainly ticks the boxes on my farm, I have been very impressed with the improvement it has made. Calves are arriving onto farm and drinking the powder well showing no scour (as I have seen in the past when calves arrive slightly stressed from the journey and change onto my powder). I am pleased they are growing well and have shiny coats.”


The system needs to be simple to fit alongside Sam’s busy work schedule – treating sick calves is disheartening and also very time consuming so preventing calves getting sick has multiple advantages. Sam rears many of these calves through to finishing. He fully appreciates a high-quality milk powder provides good early development and high health – a good start gives the animal the very best chance to be convert feed to DLWG most efficiently throughout its lifetime.


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