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The benefits of feeding a Choline additive

The benefits of feeding a Choline additive

There are no silver bullets in farming. If there was a management practice that resembled one, then relentless attention to detail would have to be the closest option. When it comes to dairy farming and in particular transition cows than the 4 F’s are often cited as the nearest thing (Forage, Feet, Feed, Facilities) although choline nutrition could be considered a close second.

What is the purpose of a Choline additive?

Traditionally, choline has been fed as a form of ketosis prevention due to its impact on the liver. By supporting and optimising the liver in the dry period, the body fat that’s mobilised in early lactation is broken down effectively and the liver avoids being overwhelmed by ketones. But is that the end of the story? The liver is crucial in milk production as it converts the volatile fatty acids produced by fermentation into glucose, which is sent to the udder to become lactose.

As the liver is integral to energy production (and therefore milk production) it makes it crucial to support and maintain its function. Supporting the liver in the dry period and into lactation is crucial as the demand for fat breakdown on the liver increases 1300% after calving. As the ability to make glucose and therefore energy improves with choline supplementation, more milk and milk solids can be produced. Additionally, conception rates can improve due to improved energy status in the cow.

Positive effects of using Choline

Research and data suggest that choline supplementation has a beneficial effect on “leaky gut”, preventing detrimental pathogens and toxins from being absorbed in the hindgut. Research also suggests that choline supplementation assists with foetal programming – the theory that the environment and nutrition experienced during foetal development impact health across the entire lifespan.

Choline in the form of Kemins Cholipearl can be supplied as a separate pallet, formulated into minerals, and is included in Wynnstay’s Prepare 80:20 Nuts. Wynnstay’s Prepare 80:20 Nuts are designed to optimise nutrient supply in the transition phase to minimise health issues and maximise transition.

Key features and benefits of including a Choline additive:

  • Rumen-protected choline – Improves liver function. Optimises liver for glucose production in the dry phase and into lactation
  • High-quality protein from soya and Novapro protected rapeseed – The cow has a requirement for high-quality protein, especially in the dry period
  • Magnesium and ammonium chloride – Formulated to encourage calcium mobilisation to reduce milk fever incidences
  • Highly palatable formulation – Core feeds are wheat, hipro soya, Novapro protected rapeseed and molasses convenience – Prepare 80:20 Nuts are a complete feed that can be fed alongside forage. No additional purchased feed, vitamins or minerals are required


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