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Weed Control

Weed Control In Root Crops

Weed Control In Root Crops

For cost-effective weed control in root crops the emphasis must be placed on pre-emergence application of herbicides. Every year we receive a large number of calls from concerned growers who have applied no herbicide at all and who are concerned that their root crop is disappearing under a sea of weeds. By this point, it is usually too late to save the crop!

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Maize: How to ensure a successful crop

Maize is a high value cropping choice for dairy and beef producers with its high starch and fermentable energy content. However, it can be relatively costly to grow so it pays to consider all the elements required for a successful crop, ahead of planting. If you are growing maize this year careful planning is the key to ensure the best possible return on investment.

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Grassmanship – good grass matters

Grassmanship is a programme featuring a portfolio of products, that optimise grass production to give livestock farmers a clear cost benefit through increasing DM yield/ha.

However, there’s much more to Grassmanship than products. Correct timing of application is critical to success. Herbicides applied too early or too late will not work as effectively, if at all.

Generally, applications should be made when weeds are healthy and the leaves actively growing. Once stem extension starts, leaf growth is insufficient for the herbicide to work effectively. Weeds in reseeds are best controlled when the grass is at the two to three leaf stage. Clover safe options are available, but again, application timing is crucial.

Remember, every 1% increase in weed ground cover will result in a 1% decrease in grass growth, however if you apply the right product at the right time, then controlling weeds such as Docks, Nettles and Thistles in a grazing sward with 10% infestation levels could improve yield from 10t DM/ha to 11t DM/ha enabling improved grazing availability and subsequent stocking rates to deliver a 14:1ROI. Similar results can be achieved from grassland for silage.

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