Energized Calf Milk: A revolution in early life nutrition

Wynnstay Elixir is the first in a range of Energized Calf Milk (ECM) products designed to revolutionise the way we feed calves. Here you will find a complete guide on energized calf milks and the benefits to be gained from using them.

Unlock the full potential of metabolic programming

Read about why the pre-weaning phase of a calf's development offers a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to set the calf up for life.

Why change to ECM?

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The benefits of ECM vs CMR

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The key benefits of ECM vs Whole Milk

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Wynnstay Elixir - request a quote

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The Wynnguard Health Package

Find out more about the Wynnguard health package included in Wynnstay Elixir Energized Calf Milk.

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