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Crusader Testimonials

We use Crusader because it is a long term mixture that provides lush leafy grass which the stock do well on. The mixture produces early and late season growth which extends the grazing season. The high diploid content means that it has a thick base and will therefore withstand intensive grazing throughout this period. Crusader includes a nice amount of clover which helps to provide a good level of protein in the diet. We usually take a first cut for silage and then move onto grazing – the yield and quality of this first cut is excellent and in 2014 we won the All of Wales Big Bale Silage Competition.”

Mr E Evans a’i gwmni - Ty Nant, Talybont, Ceredigion, 2015

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Fortress Testimonials

We run two dairy enterprises so producing high yielding quality silage is vital for our business. Fortress is an excellent medium term mixture for producing bulky silage crops, with the added benefit of aftermath grazing. Even in the dry summer months, it always produces high yielding grass which regrows extremely quickly after cutting due to the high Tetraploid content. This means that we get three large cuts a year to fill the clamps. We find that the silage is very palatable and the cows milk well on it. Fortress also has good early spring growth which means that we can cut earlier in the season.

Mr P E Jones - Hoseley Bank, Marford, Wrexham, 2015

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Imperial Testimonials

As a dairy enterprise - quality and high yielding grass is crucial for maintaining milk output. Due to Imperial being all late perennial ryegrasses it produces lush leafy grass that yields well and it does not go to head as quick as some of our other leys. We use the mixture mainly for cutting, followed by aftermath grazing and find that the grass comes back quickly after either.

Imperial is also very high yielding and seems to suit our ground well as we manage to get up to four cuts. The balance of clover and perennial ryegrass within the mix works well and suits our cutting and grazing system.

A H & F M Wilson - Tregibby, Cardigan, Ceredigion, 2015

Imperial does exceptionally well on our dairy and sheep system. We find that as it is made up of all Late Perennials it does not go stemmy and produces lush leafy grass for grazing well into the growing season. Some of the fields of Imperial are shut up for 3 cuts of quality silage, and last year we won the Big Bale Silage competition for Mid Cardiganshire. The thick base that Imperial has means that it provides quality grazing for the sheep over the winter. The flexibility between cutting and grazing that Imperial provides is a big benefit to our system.

D. T .E & J Jones, Aberystwyth, 2014

We produce and process milk, so consistent grass yields and quality is key to our business. We use Imperial because it yields well throughout the season and the D values of the silage and grazing grass is always high. It also gives us the flexibility between cutting and grazing. The late Perennials produce lush leafy grass which last longer into the season and we find that it doesn’t go stemmy. The clover content compliments the grass and the cows graze the ley well. There is regularly more milk in the bulk tank when the cows have been grazing Imperial compared to our other leys.

Messrs Elliot, 2013

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Long Term Stitching In Mix plus Clover Testimonials

Regularly walking our grassland to see how much grass cover is available is a common practice for us. The decision was made that some of the fields were very open and patchy, which meant that we were not getting the quantity of grass that we needed. We decided to over sow some of the fields to improve the quantity and quality of the grass. The Long Term over seeding mix with clover seemed the ideal mix as we wanted to increase both the grass and clover content and wanted a mix that would last more than 5 years. In April David Atkin from Atkin Groundwork contractors drilled the seed with his Aitchison drill and the seed took extremely well. After sowing, the 1st cut yield and quality showed a massive improvement compared to previous years. We will look to over sow more fields this year as we are very pleased with the results.

W.W & O.W Edwards, Pwllheli, 2014

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Majestic - SS9 Testimonials

We have a dairy enterprise and like using the Wynnstay Majestic mix as it offers a quick growing grass for our 18 -20 day rotational grazing system. As the mix is mainly made up of Tetraploid Ryegrasses, we find that they present themselves better to the cow which helps to increase the forage intake. The cows always milk well after grazing the Majestic ley.

D. W Eardley, Shropshire, 2014

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Shield Testimonials

We find Shield to be a very useful mix on our dairy farm. It produces a thick sward which we can either take two cuts from or graze depending on grass growth around the farm. We like the fact that there is no clover in the mix so we can control weeds relatively cheaply. The Hybrid ryegrass within the mix helps the ley to recover and produce re-growth very quickly after cutting or grazing. The yield and quality of grass that Shield produces is consistently pleasing. 

R Blackburn, 2013

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Sovereign Testimonials

We have been using Sovereign for over 5 years now - primarily for grazing dairy cows and sheep. Due to its versatility, we have the option to shut it up and take a good quality first cut silage. Sovereign always provides high yields of quality leafy grass and the early spring growth and thick base means that we are able to use the grass for grazing early in the spring. The clover content is an excellent source of protein, as well as helping to reduce fertiliser costs by fixing nitrogen.

Chris Ruffley, Assistant Farm Manager - Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire, 2015

We are a dairy enterprise at 1000 feet above sea level and grazed grass is particularly important to us, which is why we use the Sovereign mix. The cows graze Sovereign very well and our milk yield always improves when they are grazing the ley. Sovereign consistently produces a dense sward and contains plenty of clover. The early spring growth we get from Sovereign and the regrowth after grazing is always very pleasing.

P Kynaston, 2013

We are a mixed farm enterprise with pedigree Suffolk sheep, store cattle, sucklers and arable. We like using Sovereign because it has a very thick base and is so versatile between cutting and grazing. This versatility gives us options with
the management of our other grass leys. The clover content is good and helps increase the protein content within the diet. Sovereign provides early spring growth which last year helped finish lambs 4 weeks earlier compared to some of our other pastures. Whether cutting or grazing, Sovereign always produces a lot of quality grass.

S. P Davies, Shropshire, 2014

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Squire Testimonials

The Squire mix produces high energy, high protein silage which finishes our beef sucklers extremely well. The red clover in Squire also helps to reduce our costs of bought in fertilisers and it always adds fertility for the following crop, which is very valuable to us. We take three heavy cuts and find that the last cut is very high in protein.

R. P Hilsdon, 2013

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Tower Testimonials

For the last 4 years we have been using Tower and it has consistently performed on farm for us. We have had up to four big cuts of quality silage and we found that the yield is so prolific that we have reduced our acreage of the mixture. The bulk of grass that Tower provides is essential for our enterprise as it is the main source of fodder for our beef cattle. The quality of the silage is always very good with high protein levels therefore reducing the amount of bought in protein needed. 

G J & W Holland & Sons - Wootton Hill Farm, Henly In Arden, Warwickshire, 2015

We run a 300 cow dairy unit plus young stock. Tower was chosen for its fast establishment, vigour and high yields. The rapid regrowth that Tower has after cutting enables us to cut four or five times a year to fill the clamp. Tower works well when under sown or direct drilled. We are also pleased with how well the cows milk on the silage. 

J.M Watkins & Family - Pantglas Home Farm, Llanfynydd, Camarthen, 2015

With increasing feed costs, high yielding grasses are vital for us. We sow 30 acres of Tower each year following grass and find that Tower easily produces 4 big cuts of quality silage. We find Tower to be aggressive and is ready for another cut 5 weeks after the previous cut. 

K. J & D. S. A Marshall, Carmarthenshire, 2014

We run a dairy and arable enterprise and find that the Tower mixture fits well between wheat crops in our arable rotation. We take 4 cuts of high yielding, high protein silage which the cows milk well on. This picture shows the quantity of grass at 4th cut in mid-September. Tower reliably establishes very quickly and the regrowth after each silage cut is always pleasing.

W.F Turner & Son, Stafford, 2014

We run a mixed farm enterprise which consists of beef cattle, sheep and arable. We find that Tower produces very heavy crops of silage, and as the mixture is made up of 100% Italians, it grows early and late in the season which offers a valuable extension to the grazing season. We get two very good years from Tower which also fits well into our arable rotation. 

P.A Clifton, 2013

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