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Shield - 4 Year High Quality Grazing Grass Seed Mix Plus Clover

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13.00KG / 1 ACRE Shield is a 4 year quality grazer with silage potential.

Shield is a medium term mixture, ideally suited to grazing. It produces huge grazing yields and D values, as well as providing excellent ground cover. The hybrid ryegrass content provides quick re-growth for rotational grazing. The mix offers some silage potential, producing a quality first cut mid-late May.

Also available with No Clover or Chicory.

General Specifications:

Kg  Speceis & varieties
3.00  Aston Crusader Tetraploid HRG
2.50  AberGreen Int Diploid PRG
1.50  Nifty Int Diploid PRG
4.00  Fintona Int Tetraploid PRG
2.00  Galgorm Int Diploid PRG

Why buy this mixture?

Aston Crusader 
  • Joint highest total mean yield 
  • Second highest early spring growth yield 
  • Joint highest mildew score 
  • Very high grazing yield, grazing D value and ME yield
  • The joint highest winter hardiness score 
  • The highest first cut D value 
  • High Sugar Grass- more efficient meat and milk production 
  • Very high grazing yield, grazing D value and ME yield 
  • Joint highest winter hardiness score 
  • Second highest grazing yield 
  • Second highest ME yield 
  • Joint highest total mean cutting yield
  • Joint second highest winter hardiness score
  • Very good cutting and grazing yields

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Images are for reference only and not a true representation of the product once grown.

Shield Testimonials

We find Shield to be a very useful mix on our dairy farm. It produces a thick sward which we can either take two cuts from or graze depending on grass growth around the farm. We like the fact that there is no clover in the mix so we can control weeds relatively cheaply. The Hybrid ryegrass within the mix helps the ley to recover and produce re-growth very quickly after cutting or grazing. The yield and quality of grass that Shield produces is consistently pleasing. 

R Blackburn, 2013

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