Poultry Pasture Plus Mix

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23.00KG/ACRE- Permanent grass ley with added flowering legumes

This diverse poultry mix establishes quickly and produces a dense turf for chickens. The diverse range of legumes within the mix will produce a flower, whcih will help attract insects to keep the hens occupied. Like the Poultry Mix, it has a higher seed rate than most other agricultural grass mixtures which is important tohelp maintain its longevity and durability under constant wear and grazing. 

KG Species & varieties
8.00  Dwarf PRG
5.80  Late Diploid PRG
4.00  Strong Creeping Red Fescue
3.00  Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
1.50  Chewings Fescue
0.20  White Clover (Small Leaf)
0.20  Red Clover
0.20  Altraswede Red Clover
0.10  Birdsfoot Trefoil
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