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Aquamat II Pasture Pump Kit

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  • Ideal for livestock and horses.
  • Protects river banks and water courses.
  • The diaphragm pump supplies constant fresh clean water on demand from its natural source.
  • Low cost solution for those without mains water or in catchment sensitive areas.
  • Tough polypropylene trough and steel mechanism. Rust and UV resistant.
  • Smooth pump action, easily operated by cattle, horses and calves.
  • Provides 7 metres vertical lift or 70 metres horizontal lift.
  • Dispenses 0.5L with each pump lever action.
  • Quick installation time, approx. 20 mins.
  • Can supply 15-20 head of cattle.
  • Trough capacity 1 litre
  • No power required

The AQUAMAT II Pasture Pump Kit allows cattle and other livestock to be completely fenced away from streams, ponds and springs for TOTAL EXCLUSION from the water source. The AQUAMAT is ideally suited for projects, involving livestock fencing for restoration and re-vegetation or catchment sensitive areas.Livestock are provided cleaner water, and in many cases, fencing livestock away from streams allows for improved livestock management. The AQUAMAT is also ideal in situations in which it is desirable to fence cattle out of a water source such as a pond or spring.This pump type is a nose pump operated by cattle. As the animals drink from the pump bowl, they push against a lever, which in turn operates a piston and diaphragm pumps more water from the stream.Positioned in the field by the watercourse, then fixed to a base such as sleepers.

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