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Stockmax Shavings

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The natural hygienic properties of Stockmax makes a difference to animals in the earliest stages of life.

Suitable for lambs, game and poultry chicks, and puppies.

Scientifically proven to eradicate potentially deadly bacteria such as E. Coli.

Every bag of Stockmax contains large and smaller shavings. This is important, because the smaller shavings naturally percolate to the bottom of the bed. Urine and other moisture also percolates down through the larger savings to be absorbed by the smaller flakes below. This helps keep the surface of the bed dry, hygienic and comfortable. Stockmax shavings last a long time, and they don’t break up and mulch. 

Farmers who’ve used purpose-made pine shavings tell us they lose fewer lambs to disease in their lambing pens. Game rearers tell us they raise more healthy chicks.

They’re perfect for poultry and caged pets, and cleaner for dairy and show cattle.

How to use Stockmax shavings in the lambing pen

With more and more sheep farmers choosing to use Stockmax shavings in their lambing pens as opposed to straw, due to the antibiotic properties associated with pine, here is how to make the most of your Stockmax in a lambing pen:

  • Ensure that the individual lambing pen floor is clean and dry.
  • We recommend that each individual pens is bedded initially with a minimum of 2 inches STOCKMAX shavings.
  • The pens must be kept as dry as possible
  • Always remove any after birth
  • Water buckets should be tied to the pen to prevent spillages
  • Add approximately ½ kilo to the pen every day.
  • You do not necessarily need to empty the pen during your lambing, just top the shavings daily.
  • After use the shavings can be put onto the midden/slurry.
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