OPTIMA Early Grower ACS Bulk

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Growth, liveability, development and performance are the fundamentals behind the OPTIMA Grower range. Balanced nutrition targets the birds requirements to grow lean without laying down excess fat. Feed efficiency and digestability is key in building a healthy gut and immune system. High fibre promotes strong and healthy plummage.

Premier follow on grower for optimum continued development.

Feeding Programme

Feeding Period Features and benefits Programme Pheasant Programme Partridge Feed consumption per week Pheasant Feed consumption per week Partridge
OPTIMA Early Grower ACS Premier grower, producing healthy poults which are fit, but not fat! Feed weeks 5, 6, 7 and 8 Feed weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10 *15 bags *10 bags
OPTIMA Grower ACS Premier follow on grower for optimum results, producing birds which are fit, but not fat! Feed weeks 7 weeks on Feed weeks 11 weeks on *19 bags *15 bags
OPTIMA Grower Plain Premier plain grower, fed to mature birds while maintaining good body condition Feed weeks 10 weeks on Feed weeks 12 weeks on *19 bags *15 bags


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