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PYON Heatwave Milk Warmer

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The Heatwave® milk warmer is a cost effective yet labour saving ad lib machine, converting a cold supply of milk in to a warm feed.  Adding an acidifier to either the whole milk or powdered milk can help alleviate bacteria multiplying in the milk.  This system feeds up to 30 calves or 80 lambs/kids.  The Heatwave® maximises DLWG by allowing the young ruminant to drink little and often.

  • Feeds up to 30 calves or 80 lambs
  • Suitable for milk powder or whole milk feeding
  • Hygienic, milk is stored cold
  • No more rental fees
  • No more broken glass heater elements
  • No moving parts/reliable
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Fast growth
  • Healthy stock
  • Labour saving
  • Young ruminants prefer warm milk
  • Early in life their ability to convert milk into growth is at its most efficient
  • Frequent small meals improve digestion
  • Lifelong performance is improved when colostrum feeding is followed by accelerated milk 
  • Feeding program.
  • Ad lib feeding saves labour
  • The animal is larger at weaning time so the cost per kg of liveweight gain is similar to Once a Day feeding.


  • Heatwave storage box
  • Heatwave heat exchanger 25L tank
  • 4 Super Suckler bayonet fittings including 4 calf teats (+ kit for fitting)
  • 2 teat bars + fixings
  • Hand pump for cleaning
  • Inlet fittings (tubes, weights filters, connectors)
  •  4 lamb teats
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