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Stable & Pasture

Making sure your horse is safe and healthy both when indoors and out, is our equine teams focus when they selected this range of products. Many of which they use themselves in their own stables.

Our range consists of

  • Horse Bedding and Mats - These can be ordered by the pallet load as well as individually and we offer shipping across the UK. 
  • Stable Accessories - Help keep your stable clean with our range of stable accessories, including the bright and colourful Tubtrug ranges.
  • Electric Fencing - Ideal for when you want to divide large fields for grazing, corner off sections of a paddock or split horses up.
  • Grass and Hay Seeds - Our selection of seeds allows you to reseed paddocks and fields, as well as fix worn patches. They are also mixed with the horses diet in mind.
  • Solar Stable Lighting - New to Wynnstay the SolarMate range is a cost effective, convenient way to light up stables, yards and arenas.
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  1. Bedmax Shavings
    Bedmax Shavings
    Price from: £9.00 £7.50
  2. Burlybed Bedding
    Burlybed Bedding
    Price from: £8.04 £6.70
  3. All Colours
    Electric Fence Gate Handles
    Price from: £2.76 £2.30
  4. Jenkinsons Small Flake Shavings | Wynnstay Country Stores
    Jenkinsons Small Flake Shavings
    Price from: £8.40 £7.00
  5. Megazorb Horse Bedding
    Megazorb Bale 12.5kg
    Price from: £10.69 £8.91
  6. Nedz Pro Bedding
    Nedz Original Bedding 20kg
    Price from: £19.44 £16.20
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Items 1-24 of 65

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