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Imperial - Long Term Cut and Graze Grass Seed Mix

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Best selling long-term mix!

14.00KG / 1 ACRE Imperial is a popular, long term cutting and grazing grass mix.

Grazing **** Silage **** Hay **

Imperial is a long term dual purpose mix. It will produce excellent first cut quality silage along with quality grazing. The mix contains all late perennial ryegrass and so is less likely to produce stemmy seed heads in the summer, maintaining a lush leafy sward throughout the growing season. A clover blend is included to suit a wide range of grassland systems and provides the benefit of soil N fixation. This blend will also help to increase protein levels. Timothy is used as it is a palatable grass, which helps fill the summer gap and thrives on wetter soil types.

Also available with No Clover or Chicory.

General Specifications:

Kg  Species & varieties
1.50  AberGain Late Tetraploid PRG
2.00  AberAvon Late Diploid PRG
1.00  AberBite Late Tetraploid PRG
2.00  AstonKing Late Diploid PRG
2.00  Delika Late Diploid PRG
2.75  Bijou Late Tetraploid PRG
1.00  Nashota Late Tetraploid PRG
0.75  Comer Timothy
0.50  Rivendel White Clover(Small Leaf)
0.50  AberSwan White Clover(Med leaf)

 Why buy this mixture?

  • Highest grazing yield
  • Highest grazing D value 
  • Highest ME yield 
  • Highest early grazing, spring & autumn grazing yields
  • High Sugar Grass- more efficient meat and milk production
  • Very high grazing D-value and early grazing yield
  • High Sugar Grass- more efficient meat and milk production
  • Second highest early and spring grazing yield
  • Joint second highest winter hardiness score 
  • Second highest crown rust score
  • Solid disease resistance 
  • Good all-round variety
  • Highest year one third cut yield
  • Good grazing and ME yields
  • Highest Crown rust resistance score
  • Joint third highest grazing D-value 
  • Good winter hardiness scores
  • Strong solid variety
  • Second highest grazing yield
  • Second highest ME yield
  • Highest winter hardiness score
  • Good disease resistance

 Click here for tips on reseeding

Images are for reference only and not a true representation of the product once grown.

Imperial Testimonials

As a dairy enterprise - quality and high yielding grass is crucial for maintaining milk output. Due to Imperial being all late perennial ryegrasses it produces lush leafy grass that yields well and it does not go to head as quick as some of our other leys. We use the mixture mainly for cutting, followed by aftermath grazing and find that the grass comes back quickly after either.

Imperial is also very high yielding and seems to suit our ground well as we manage to get up to four cuts. The balance of clover and perennial ryegrass within the mix works well and suits our cutting and grazing system.

A H & F M Wilson - Tregibby, Cardigan, Ceredigion, 2015

Imperial does exceptionally well on our dairy and sheep system. We find that as it is made up of all Late Perennials it does not go stemmy and produces lush leafy grass for grazing well into the growing season. Some of the fields of Imperial are shut up for 3 cuts of quality silage, and last year we won the Big Bale Silage competition for Mid Cardiganshire. The thick base that Imperial has means that it provides quality grazing for the sheep over the winter. The flexibility between cutting and grazing that Imperial provides is a big benefit to our system.

D. T .E & J Jones, Aberystwyth, 2014

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