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Business Model

Business Model

The business model has been established to closely reflect the buying patterns of the ultimate customer. The business is reported as two complementary divisions, Agriculture and Specialist Retail, with a number of operating units reported within the appropriate segments.



The Agriculture Division covers the manufacturing and supply of a comprehensive range of agricultural inputs to customers across many parts of the UK.

Feed Division

The Feed Division, which operates two compound feed mills and one blending plant, offers a full range of animal nutrition products to the agricultural market. The location of the mills allows for logistically efficient delivery of products throughout our trading area, third party mills are also used to satisfy additional seasonal and geographic requirements. Both mills are multi species allowing the business to provide a broad range of products to service the requirements of ruminant and monogastric animals. The business recognises the requirement for nutritional expertise and employs specialists to provide guidance on feed management for all farm enterprises. 

Continued investment at the two compound mills allows further expansion of production in both bulk and bagged materials. 


Glasson, which operates from Glasson Dock near Lancaster, with a recently acquired production plant in Montrose, is recognised as a raw materials supplier and fertiliser blender and has a strong customer base across the UK. Glasson’s activities also include the packaging of added value products supplied to specialist animal feed retailers. The business is also involved in a joint venture, FertLink, which has production facilities at Birkenhead and Goole.

Glasson complements the Group strategy by providing a further internal hedge against commodity volatility in the agricultural supply industry.

Arable Division 

The Arable Division supplies a wide range of products to arable and grassland farmers throughout the trading area. The Group is recognised as a significant supplier of fertiliser, acting as a principal supplier of CF and Yara products together with our own Top Crop brand of fertiliser. Seed is processed in Shropshire at the arable base as well as at Woodheads Seeds in Yorkshire. Agrochemicals are supplied to complete the range of products. 

GrainLink, the Group’s in-house grain marketing company, provides farmers with an independent professional marketing service backed by the financial security of the Wynnstay Group. The Company has access to major markets for specialist milling and malting grain as well as feed into mills throughout our trading area.



Our Retail Division covers the supply of specialist agricultural and retail products to customers throughout Wales, Central and Southern England.

Wynnstay Stores

The rural retail outlets are well established and provide a comprehensive range of products for farmers and rural dwellers. The stores, which now number 50, operating throughout Wales, Central and Southern England, supply a wide range of specialist products to farmers, smallholders and pet owners. Our enthusiastic team are keen to help customers with technical advice on all aspects of the wide range of products available. The model is further strengthened by the use of sector specific catalogues and proactive marketing to promote the extensive range of products available to the industry. The increased diversity complements our core agricultural business, acting as an important route to market for pharmaceutical companies with whom the Group works closely to provide specialist professional advice to livestock farmers. 

Youngs Animal Feeds

Youngs Animal Feeds operates from its production facility at Standon in Staffordshire. It manufactures and acts as a distributor of a range of equine and small animal feeds through wholesalers and retailers in the west of the UK.