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Kingdom - Long Term Wetland Cut and Graze Grass Seed Mix Plus Chicory

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15.00KG / 1 ACRE Kingdom is our proven, long-term cutting and grazing mixture.

Kingdom is a dual purpose mix, which offers great flexibility for both cutting and grazing in high rainfall areas. The mix is specifically designed to provide quality forage value and high yields when sown on heavy land, prone to waterlogging. The meadow fescue within the mix will also create a dense base and is very stress tolerant, which helps it thrive on wetter soil types. A clover blend is included to suit a wide range of grassland systems and provides the benefit of soil N fixation. This blend will also help to increase protein levels. Timothy is used as it is a palatable grass, which helps fill the summer gap and thrives on wetter soil types.

Also available with Clover or No Clover.

General Specifications:

Kg  Species & varieties
2.00  Nifty Int Diploid PRG
3.50  Fintona Int Tetraploid PRG
2.00  AstonKing Late Diploid PRG
2.00  AberChoice Late Diploid PRG
2.00  AberGain Late Tetraplod PRG
2.00  Dolina Timothy
0.20  Rivendel White Clover (Small Leaf)
0.40  AberSwan White Clover (Med Leaf)
0.20  Aran White Clover (Large Leaf)
0.70  Meadow Fescue

Why buy this mixture?

  • Very high grazing yield, grazing D value and ME yield
  • Joint higest winter hardiness score
  • Second highest grazing yield 
  • Second highest ME yield
  • Joint highest total mean cutting yield
  • Joint second higest winter hardiness score
  • Joint second highest grazing yield 
  • Second highest ME yield 
  • Highest mildew score
  • High Sugar Grass- more efficient meat and milk production
  • Highest grazing yield 
  • Highest grazing D value 
  • Highest ME yield 
  • Highest early grazing, spring & autumn grazing yields
  • High Sugar Grass- more efficient meat and milk production 

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Images are for reference only and not a true representation of the product once grown.

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