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Lamb Feeder Bottle with Pritchards

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  • Essential lambing supply
  • Made from a durable plastic
  • Must-have hand rearing tool 
  • Red teat can be changed and replaced if it gets too warn or damaged
  • Includes an in-built flutter valve to prevent any liquid or air making its way back in to the bottle
  • Incorporates a natural feeling soft, red teat
  • 500ml capacity 
  • Buy 6 for £2.98 £2.48 each and save 25%

Hand rearing lamb feeder bottle is low maintenance, easy to clean, and will not break or get damaged should it get dropped, stood on or knocked around. The red that can be changed out and replaced when it gets too worn or damaged, and there is a built-in flutter valve to prevent milk, artificial colostrum, saliva or air making its way back into the bottle through the teat's opening. 

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