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MinPot Cattle Mag Bucket 22.5kg

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Meets the extra magnesium requirements of cattle during the critical spring and autumn periods when magnesium intakes are low and grass staggers can be a problem.

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  • For suckler cows, an intake of 150g provides 22.5g magnesium.
  • Offer at a rate of 1 bucket per 15 cattle.
  • Ideal for dairy or suckler cows in periods of lush grass growth.
  • Ratio can be widened during dry spells to prevent product surface from drying out.

Usage Rate

  • Offer ad-lib in the ratio of 1 bucket per 15-20 cattle.
  • Make sure bucket is sited away from any water source; making sure that feeding position is moved regularly in order to avoid localised poaching.
  • Ratio can be widened in the summer in order to prevent product surface from drying out.
  • Mature Cows 150-300g/day (2 tubs per 22head/week).
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