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Nettex Calf Colostrum Gold Pouch

In stock
£50.95 £42.46

Nettex Calf Colostrum Gold - Colostrum the way nature intended.

  • 100% UK full fat colostrum retaining all of its natural constituents.
  • Nettex Colostrum Gold is safe and effective.
  • Convenient and available to use when you need it.
  • Ideal for high performing herds where it’s vital to ensure calves get the best start possible.
  • Watch our YouTube video featuring Tommy the Vet to find out more about the unique process behind Calf Colostrum Gold.
  • 450g pouch
  • Buy 4 for £48.41 £40.34 each and save 5%

The Nettex range of British sourced Calf Colostrum providing a solution for every farm.

All three colostrums are made from natural, full fat colostrum sourced exclusively from TB & EBL free UK herds meaning it is highly complementary to UK farm environments.

The raw colostrum is frozen at source and then dried using a unique process preserving all of the components of natural colostrum. This produces a unique, high quality colostrum product high in protein, colostral fat and growth factors as well as being tested for both safety and efficacy.


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