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Phacelia Seed Mix

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  • Extremely fast growing catch crop
  • Brilliant pretty blue flowers attract huge numbers of insects
  • Pollen and nectar provider
  • Competes well with weeds
  • Care should be taken in following crops as phacelia can reseed itself readily
  • Sown at 5 kilos per hectare
  • Supplied in 5 kilo units
  • Crop height can measure 30-60cm

Phacelia is an extremely fast growing catch crop ideal for Oilseed Rape rotations with vibrant pretty blue flowers that attract huge numbers of insects. Phacelia is a short term weed suppressor and a rapid growing nitrogen holder crop. Phacelia can be sown any time after March and is generally free from any pest and disease problems. It is a member of the Borage family and rapidly produces an excellent root structure combined with dense ground cover.

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