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Premier Cattle Booster

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Controlled intake, premium protein and energy lick to support herd performance in a highly palatable form

Extra high protein (15%), including urea protein, to help support milk production, optimal cow body condition score, and target liveweight gain

Includes 750mg/kg copper and 15mg/kg cobalt to support good fertility and target growth rates

Packed with high levels of minerals and vitamins to help support herd health and overall performance

Offer to:

  • Housed or grazing dairy and beef cattle on high forage rations
  • Breeding cows and heifers at bulling time
  • Growing and finishing cattle at grass or housing
  • All cattle over 3 months of age

How much Premier Cattle Booster will I need for my herd?

Feeding recommendations are shows as a guide only.

Herd size 20kg buckets per week 80kg buckets per week
25 2 - 3 1
50 5 - 6 1 - 2
100 10 - 11 2 - 3
150 15 - 16 4 - 5
200 21 - 22 5 - 6

Practical feeding guide:

Offer 1 x 20kg lick per 10-15 cattle
Offer 1 x 80kg lick per 50 cattle
Make sure forage is available ad lib and offer licks on a free-access basis

High in Bulling Lactation Growing and finishing
Protein Optimal cow body condition and conception Milk production Target growth rates and lean frame development
Cobalt Energy metabolism for fertility Energy metabolism for milk production and suckling calf growth rates Energy metabolism for target growth rates
Copper Reproduction and fertility Reproduction and fertility Target growth rates
Zinc Reproduction and fertility

Udder health where there is a risk of mastitis and high somatic cell counts.
Hoof health where there is a risk of lameness.
Dry matter intake and milk production.

Hoof health for maintenance of feed intakes and target growth rates
Selenium and vitamin E Reproduction and fertility Immunity where there is a risk of mastitis Target growth rates and health

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