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Reed Canary Grass Seed Mix

Out of stock
  • 1kg pack
  • Tall perennial cover
  • Driving and nesting cover potential
  • UK native
  • Can be sown on difficult soil types
  • Produces stolons and creeps
  • Sow in 30“ rows at 2.5 kilos per acre
  • Crop height can measure 50-60cm (first year), 150cm (subsequent years)

Reed Canary Grass is a perennial grass excellent for permanent or pasture leys on sites too wet for good performance of other forage plants. Reed Canary Grass is also used where re-planting is impractical such as field margins, borders, shorelines and along stream banks. It is a long term cover crop providing a tall grass up to 6ft, annual management of the grass is essential as with correct management Reed Canary Grass should provide cover for 6-10 years. The plant is a winter hardy grass and is ideal for northerly climates such as Scotland due to its tolerance to harsh winters. The forage should be grazed or mowed prior to heading as both quality and palatability decline rapidly after heading.

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