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Ambrosini Maize Seed

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  • Ambrosini has excellent yield results and is ideal for biogas, as well as being suitable for CCM, grain maize or as a forage crop.
  • 50,000 seed pack
  • Available with Inito Seed Treatment
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Data from 2018 BSPB/NIAB descriptive lists

  • Well balanced starch and ME content
  • Good early vigour
  • Excellent DM yields across all NIAB trials
  • Suggested seed rate: 42,000 seeds/ acre
  • Ambrosini is available with Inito Seed Treatment

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Our team of specialists are available to offer specialist advice on crop production to help get the most from your maize crop

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Manufacturer KWS

Growing A Successful Maize Crop

It is now the time of year, where we look at the results from harvest and decide whether this maize growing season has been a success. As a forage crop, maize is palatable, high in energy, starch rich and has a good ME – all of which contribute to improved milk and meat production.


Therefore, if your crop hasn’t produced the quantity and quality that you were hoping for this season, it may be that small changes to the way the crop is grown, could make a big difference to your results come harvest. If your maize has performed well this season, then looking at the finer details of growing a maize crop could enhance yield and nutritional value, whilst making maize production much more cost-effective.


At Wynnstay, our specialists provide bespoke advice on all aspects of maize crop management:

Let us help you grow a successful maize crop

Of course, the factor which has greatest influence over the success of the crop is the weather, and this is totally out of our control. My advice to all growers is to apply attention to detail to every aspect of the crop’s management, and work with your Wynnstay specialist to ensure you are making the most effective decisions on inputs for your farm.


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