A Complete Range of Silage Additives for all Forage Systems

Grass silage additives help increase fermentation efficiency by adding lactic acid bacteria to the grass. Grass silage additives also improve live weight gain, milk yield and quality, as well as protein and energy utilisation. Grass silage additives also reduce effluent, yeast and moulds.

Maize silage additive is added to maize to improve the feed quality of the corn. Maize silage additives can contain Allin, which is a natural mould inhibitor. Adding a maize silage additive to your silage can improve aerobic stability, reduce nutrient losses at feed out, and provide immediate and long-lasting protection against spoilage.

Wholecrop silage additive has similar properties to maize silage additives. They help prevent mould, improve aerobic stability, reduce nutrient losses and offer protection against spoilage.

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