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WYNNMIN Farm Minerals Range

Have you experienced the benefits of the WYNNMIN Mineral range?

Autumn Offer

On orders of 1 tonne or more of Wynnmin Minerals between 1st September and 15th October 2021.

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The benefits of using WYNNMIN Minerals

The Wynnmin on-farm mineral range is available for all classes of ruminant livestock, its key benefits include 

  • Helps correct deficiencies in grazing, forages and straights to maximise health, fertility and performance
  • Available as in-feed and fully waterproofed free access
  • High specifications carefully formulated to meet the requirements of modern, high genetic merit stock
  • Custom mineral formulations can be supplied, please consult your local Wynnstay Specialist
  • Palatable to ensure livestock consume the correct daily amount in a controlled way
  • Includes dust-proofing to reduce waste and to ensure pleasant handling for the stock person
Functions Of Minerals in Ruminants

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As Seen in

Wynnmin Premier Mineral Range

Premier Dairy

Formulated for the high-yielding dairy cow, including Optimin and Intellibond copper
and zinc, along with Optimin selenium for optimal trace mineral bioavailability.

This highspecification mineral is formulated to ensure that the requirements of high-performance herds are met, helping to optimise health and performance. It is especially suited to cows fed a full TMR ration.

Premier DryCow

High levels of vitamins are included in this farm mineral, along with Optimin and Intellibond copper and zinc, and Optimin selenium for optimal trace mineral bioavailability.

This high-specification mineral is formulated for dry cows during the last three to six weeks pre-calving; a critical stage in the production cycle.

Premier Youngstock

Formulated to meet the requirements of a wide range of farm livestock, including extensive beef cattle, in-calf heifers, stores and youngstock.

Intellibond copper and zinc are included in the specification for optimal bioavailability.

Premier Suckler

Formulated to meet the requirement of suckler cows, a high level of magnesium helps to balance grass-based diets. Calcium and phosphorus is also included to help support milk production and fertility.

Premier Mag

A high-quality mineral supplement, with a high level of magnesium, it is ideal for supplementation during the shoulders of the grazing season, when the risk of grass staggers is high.

It is a balanced mineral, with vitamins and trace minerals, which is ideal for grazing suckler and dairy cattle.

Premier Phosphorous

Phosphorus is required for frame growth and also boosts fertility. It is particularly suited to dairy cows and replacement heifers, where extra phosphorus is needed in the diet, along with a balanced trace mineral and vitamin specification.

Premier Intensive Beef

A high-specification intensive beef mineral, specifically formulated for high-cereal diets. Optimin and Intellibond copper and zinc, along with Optimin selenium, are included in this mineral for optimal trace mineral bioavailability.

No added magnesium or phosphorus, to help reduce the risk of urinary calculi.

Premier Beef

A high-specification intensive beef mineral, with the added benefit of live yeast for improved digestive efficiency and performance in intensive beef cattle. It also includes Optimin and Intellibond trace minerals.

No added magnesium or phosphorus helps to reduce the risk of urinary calculi.

Premier Sheep

The Wynnmin Premier Sheep Mineral Range is a specific formulation, which is designed to meet the requirements of both the ewe and her lambs, during pregnancy.

High levels of Vitamin E and selenium boost the immune system and help to improve lamb viability.

Optimin selenium, Intellibond zinc and Optimin zinc are included in this mineral, for increased bioavailability.

Premier Intensive Lamb

Formulated to provide the mineral and vitamin requirements of lambs. Good levels of vitamin E and selenium help to maintain immune status. Magnesium and phosphorus are not included in this mineral to help avoid the risk of urinary calculi ('stones').

A competitively-priced, no frills, range of minerals designed to balance forages, cereals, straights and blends.

Eco Dairy

A good specification mineral to balance a range of dairy rations. Particularly suitable for feeding alongside mixed forages.

Eco Dry Cow

Formulated to meet the requirements of both cow and calf during the last six weeks
of pregnancy. A high level of magnesium and low calcium help to prepare the cow for
increased calcium demands at calving.

Eco Cattle GP

A good specification general purpose mineral for most classes of cattle and youngstock.

Eco Beef

A good specification mineral for most classes of beef cattle.

Now also available with Live Yeast for an extra 9% to 11 % live weight gain.

Eco Cattle GP

A good-specification mineral for most classes of sheep. Not suitable for intensively fed
lambs or rams.

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