Maize Advice

Our team of maize experts are always on hand to offer advice on any aspect of the maize production cycle, they have also written a number of comprehensive guides to help you.

Influencing and Evaluating Crop Performance

A short article on the factors that can influence your maize crop, along with a list of areas to look at when assessing your maize crops performance.

Maize Crop Nutrition

Do you know the pH and the P/K indices for your soil? This article looks at their importance in crop nutrition.

Maize Crop Protection

Advice on the control of weeds in your maize crop through the use of both pre-emergence and post-emergence applications.

Maize Harvesting Guidelines

Our top tips on harvesting to ensure that all that hard work before and during the growing seasons doesn't go to waste.

Maize Brochure

Our Maize Brochure offers a comprehensive analysis of our Maize seed offering, as well as helpful articles and advice. Download or request a paper copy by clicking the link below.

Maize Silage Additives

Getting the best results from your maize crop doesn't just come from management in the field. Find out how to protect your investment with this short article.

Using Sulphur

You could increase maize yields as much as 15% DM, find out how to achieve this in this short article on using sulphur to make the most of your maize crop.

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