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Bulk Dairy Blends

We offer a wide range of high-performance fixed formulation blends produced from high quality raw materials, delivered direct to farm.

  •                 High-performance formulations
  •                 High-quality raw materials
  •                 Competitively priced
  •                 Nutritional support from our experts
  •                 Bespoke blends available

Tailored Bespoke Blends

We offer tailored bespoke blends to meet your specific requirements.

Nutritional Support

Our expert team are available to assess the individual diet requirements of your livestock and formulate a diet to meet your specific nutritional goals. Our team offer forage analysis to assess the additional nutritional requirements required within the diet.

Wynnstay's Dairy Blends

Excel 20 is a high starch, mineralised dairy blend, with a balance of 20% protein to drive energy and protein levels in a ration.

Features and Benefits

  • High level of starch and sugars to promote rumen function and utilisation of home-grown forages
  • Balanced with digestible fibre, to enhance milk quality
  • Range of protein sources, rumen degradable and by-pass, to drive milk yield
  • Mineralised for optimal trace mineral and vitamin supply

Extra Balanced - A high quality, high energy, balanced feed, suitable to be fed alongside grazing or a PMR to optimise efficiency and production.

Eagle Dairy - Balanced for starch and sugar along with high digestible fibre. Suitable to be fed alongside grazed grass or PMR fed herds.

AMS - A high energy balanced dairy nut, specifically designed to optimise performance through automatic milking systems. Both mineralised and non-mineralised options are available.

Excel Balancer blend is a mineralised, 26% protein ruminant blend.  It can be fed with varying forages, especially suited to balance maize silage or low protein grass silages or hay.

Features and Benefits

  • High protein inclusion from a range of raw materials, to enhance rumen microbial production and aid milk output
  • Starch and sugars promote fibre digestion and utilisation of home-grown forages enhancing milk quality
  • Suitable to feed as the protein source alongside cereals
  • Contains minerals and vitamins to support health and performance

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