Fertiliser Storage

It is important to Wynnstay that we can advise and support our customers on all aspects of fertiliser advice. In line with this, we have included the below update on fertiliser storage requirements to ensure that customers have access to the correct information and relevant forms.

Dangerous substances and ammonium nitrate on farms

Under the Dangerous Substances (Notification and Marking of Sites) Regulations 1990 (NAMOS), there are legal requirements relating to notification and marking of sites that store certain amounts of dangerous substances or relevant ammonium nitrate mixtures (Relevant ammonium nitrate mixtures is defined as ammonium nitrate and mixtures containing ammonium nitrate, where the nitrogen content exceeds 15.75% of the mixture by weight.)

The HSE Requirements

If you are storing 25 tonnes or more of dangerous substances you must:


  • Notify your local Fire and Rescue Service
  • Mark the entrance of the site with an appropriate warning sign
  • Notify HSE


If you are storing more than 150 tonnes or more of  relevant ammonium nitrate mixtures , you must:

  • Notify your local Fire and Rescue Service

How to notify

Please click here to download the NAMOS notification form to help with notifying the HSE and/or Fire Service.

For more information and guidance on dangerous substances and ammonium nitrate storage click here to donwload the HSE brief guide or visit www.hse.gov.uk.

Fertiliser Storage Guidance

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