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The LAMBMASTER™ range of compound feeds are a truly superb range of lamb diets for all systems from store lamb finishing to intensive early lamb production.

Developed following extensive in-field experience and many University and College trials, these diets are the ones others look up to. All Wynnstay LAMBMASTER feeds are formulated to minimise the risk of urinary calculi and include ammonium chloride at the recommended level and buffers to prevent acidosis. A unique sweetener ensures excellent palatability and a quick uptake by lambs.

Creep Feeding

The value of creep feeding for early lambing flocks to achieve rapid growth rates, to catch the early high priced lamb market, is proven. Creep fed lambs will potentially grow more than three times faster than non-creep fed lambs. In wet and cold late springs, some creep feeding will be invaluable for lamb survival. 

Intensive Early Lamb Production

Usually for December/January lambing flocks who wish to finish lambs on peak of spring price rise. Lambs are weaned at six weeks and remain indoors on pellets until finished.

Provide a well lit, clean area to encourage lambs to creep feed. Provide dry bedding, good ventilation and fresh water at all times. Offer LAMBMASTER gradually, over a period of seven days and then ad lib.

Store Lamb Finishing - Concentrates

All lamb breeds are used on this system where lambs are finished on a rising price, usually in the New Year. Aim for 0.75m2 lying area and 0.3m trough space/lamb. Allow a maximum of 40 lambs/pen, with dry bedding, good ventilation and adequate lighting. Provide fresh water at all times. It is advisable to vaccinate for clostridial diseases and pasteurella before housing.

Gradually introduce LAMBMASTER over a period of seven days, then feed ad lib, ensuring availability at all times. If lambs are not bedded on straw, 100g/hd/day of hay should be available.

  • Typical DLWG of 150-250g/hd/day, finish in 10 days to six weeks from housing, FCR 5:1 - 7:1

Store Lamb Finishing - Roots, Forage, Crops & Grass

Strip graze to avoid wastage. Provide clean, fresh water at all times and offer a small quantity of hay or straw, or offer a grass runback.


  • Typical growth rates 400-500g/hd/day

Lambmaster Range

  • LAMBMASTER Gold Pellets
  • LAMBMASTER Premium 18 Pellets
  • LAMBMASTER Supreme 18 Pellets
  • LAMBMASTER Finisher 16 Nuts
  • LAMBMASTER Pellets

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