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Wynnstay offers a one stop shop for all your lambing products, this lambing season. Our range includes lamb colostrum, milk powder, castration tools, markers lambing equipment and lambing aids. View our complete lambing product range.

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Lamb Feeders & Bottles

Lamb feeders can be essential during lambing season as they ensure that lambs receive the milk and colostrum they need to grow big and strong. Our range makes lamb feeding easier and increases effeciency.

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Lamb Colostrum & Milk Powder

Lamb Colostrum & Milk Powder

Key to ensuring your lambs get off to a good start in life, our lamb colostrum and lamb milk powder range is the first choice for many farmers.

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Infra Red Lighting & lamb Warming

Lamb Warming

Our range of lambing products includes Infra Red warming equipment as well as Lammac Jackets. We also stock the Frisky Lamb Warmer from Pyon.

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Marking Sprays

Our range of lamb marking products includes both sticks and sprays. We offer various colours and leading brands so you can ensure your marking will stay visible.

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Lambing Aids

Lambing aids can be key to the survival of both the lamb and the ewe, our range of lambing aids and lambing equipment includes ewe spoons, prolapse harnesses, trusses and restrainers.

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Lamb Castration

Carried out in the first few weeks of life, it is essential to have good stocks of castration rings. We also offer a range of castration pliers.

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Wynnstay's dedicated team of lambing specialists are here to help you through the lambing season, whether you lamb seasonally or throughout the year, we can offer advice on the best lambing products or guidance on the latest lambing practices according to your needs. 

Giving your lambs the best start in life .

The second a lamb comes into the world, we can help you in ensuring they are getting the best start in life. Wynnstay stocks a range of lamb feeding equipment, lamb milk and lamb colostrum. We can also be on hand to offer help and advice on the most suitable products for your lambs needs.

Offering the ewe a helping hand

For most ewes lambing comes easy but in some cases they might need a helping hand. For these occasions we offer a range of products such as lambing roes, lubricants, iodine, and gloves. We also can recommend the best ewe tonics to help ewe's that are exhausted after lambing and need an energy boost. 

The growing lamb

Wynnstay will continue to support your needs as your lambs start to grow, our range includes lamb feeds, castration tools, lamb creep feeders as well as animal health products to keep your flock healthy.

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