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One of the UK's largest supplier of poultry feed to the specialist egg market

A trusted supplier of the UK poultry market, offering poultry feed to meet producers needs.

Wynnstay are proud of their reputation in the supply of poultry feeds to the UK market, and with our ever growing customer base we have designed a range of feeds to suit producer needs. Whether you have a small flock or a large commercial laying unit, we have tailored feed ranges to complement your system, whilst offering value for money.

Our poultry feeds are formulated to high specifications and with quality ingredients to achieve optimum performance and bird health. We know that consistency is key when it comes to feeding poultry, which is why our feeds are kept as consistent as possible and quality checked by our QC team. 

Wynnstay poultry ranges include: pullet rearing feeds, turkey feeds, pheasant feeds, layer feeds for smaller producers (all in 20kg bags or bulk), and specialist layer ranges designed for larger commercial/semicommercial units (bulk only). All include our bespoke Wynnstay vitamin and mineral packs.

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