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Supporting sheep producers with independent advice.

How can we support you?

Whether it is early lamb nutrition, getting ewes in optimum condition for lambing or a tup MOT, the Wynnstay specialists are on-hand with independent advice and products tailored to UK sheep farmers.

The team can offer a range of tailored guidance, from nutrition to hoof-care, animal health and creating design to reseeding programmes. Their goal is to support your business in remaining profitable for generations to come.

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Experienced Experts

Our team have experience in running and managing sheep farms, they are also qualified to offer agronomy, animal health and forage advice. 

Sheep Feed

Our feed range includes compound, blends and tailor-made feed for rams, ewes and lambs. We spend time to learn your flocks needs alongside your growth goals and recommend the best feed for your system of production.

On-Farm Services

We are more than happy to visit your farm to offer advice, this includes areas such as Nutritional Management, Lambing, Animal Health., Forage Analysis and Agronomy.


Wynnstay stocks an extensive range of equipment for sheep farming, including sheep handling, feed bins, water systems and lambing equipment.

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